For the Heirs

Often when a loved one passes, it can be overwhelming. If your relative was a composer, songwriter, arranger, orchestrator or music producer, and you need to settle the estate, what do you do with the music to assure that the legacy survives, that the materials are accessible to scholars and researchers, while maximizing  the income potential of all that intellectual property?  Often these collections are unsorted, unlabeled, and in  a variety of formats AND it needs to be taken care of immediately–perhaps even moved. What to save? What to keep? How to preserve it?

If you are lucky, you know what your loved one wanted to do with their  music, but frequently the decision is left up to the surviving family members. What if you could organize, inventory and find a home for your families collection that would benefit future generations? Securing the legacy of the work? What if you could also obtain a tax deduction while doing so? This is how we can help.

We have worked on many collections, including triage under less-than-favorable conditions. We quickly prepare the inventory needed for an appraisal for tax deduction purposes. We will help you negotiate arrangements with a recipient for the donation. We will help you organize the documents you need for management of the intellectual property rights. We also do digital scanning of materials for easy and long-term accessibility. We’ll even help you pack the materials and deliver them to the recipient institution like a university library or music archive.

Contact us to discuss your individual needs.

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